Jürgen Moltmann Bibliography



>>Works by Moltmann in English
>>Works by Moltmann in German
>>Works by Moltmann in Other Languages
>>Dissertations and Theses Relating to Moltmann’s Theology

Watch this space! As I progress through my studies I intend to create a large, lightly annotated bibliography of the works of theologian Jürgen Moltmann. Here are some places to begin:


The Moltmanniac, from whom I pinched the idea to put a photo of Moltmann’s books on display to pretty up the site a little, has compiled a reasonably comprehensive list of Moltmann’s books available in English.

The Asbury Theological Journal is open access and has an eight page bibliography (2000) of some of Moltmann’s books, chapters, and articles written up to 1998.

The Jürgen Moltmann Reading Room has collected a large number of open access chapters, articles, and audio from Moltmann, including secondary literature.

Identifiants et Référentiels lists some key secondary literature.


If you do not have access to any of the below in your library, try to track down any of the recent monographs on Moltmann’s theology. They usually offer reasonably comprehensive coverage of his works in their bibliographies.

James L. Wakefield wrote a bibliography of Moltmann’s works (2002), covering both German originals and their translations into English and other languages. It also covers a wide range of significant secondary literature.

Richard Bauckham’s The Theology of Jürgen Moltmann (1994), records significant contributions from Moltmann translated into English and also a number of important German works (some of which have now been translated, with articles and chapters being republished in Anglophone journals, others being compiled in collections of essays which can be found on Moltmanniac’s list, above). Bauckham notes some relevant secondary literature.

Bauckham cites bibliographies in D. Isling (with G. Geisthardt and A. Scholz), Bibliographie Jürgen Moltmann (Münich: Chr. Kaiser, 1987); P. F. Momose, Kreuzestheologie: Ein Auseinandersetzung mit Jürgen Moltmann (Freiburg: Herder, 1978); and R. Gibellini, La teologia di Jürgen Moltmann (Brescia: Queriniana, 1975), 343-76.

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