Varieties of Thomist today

“There was only ever one Thomist, and he died expounding the Song of Songs” — Nietzsche.

Thomists today abound. The reader can be directed to the Thomist, the analytical Thomist, the Cracow Circle Thomist, the existential Thomist, the neo-Thomist, and the transcendental Thomist, among others, at least according to Wikipedia. But there are also yet more basic forms:

1. tomist. n. A writer of tomes. Pope Leo I is probably the church’s most famous tomist.

2. Tommist. n. A producer of Tomme. We stopped by the Tommist while in the Swiss Alps.

3. t’ohmist. n. Short for: the ohmist. The person in charge of dispatching ohms. T’ohmist lived inside a giant, black and yellow resistor.

4. toe mist. n. A mist about the toes. After removing her sock, a light toe mist emerged.

5.  toe-missed. adj. That which a toe has missed. The toe-missed soccer ball rolled slowly to the right.

6. Tow missed. phrase. Used to inform the addressee that a requested tow was not fulfilled, usually because they were not present when the tow-truck arrived. Tow missed, 12/10/2015. Please contact Bill for details.

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